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Our partners have successfully been working in the sphere of real estate development in the territory of Central Federal District for more than 10 years.

As there is a buoyant demand the database of real estate sale offers is constantly extending.

At the moment our partners are one of the largest land owners in the Smolensk and Kaluga regions, for which reason we have a unique selling propositions on upmarket terms.

More detailed information about our services, instructions to transactors, search of the current land sale offers in the Smolensk and Kaluga regions can be obtained by the phone: +7 (495) 505–19–97. Our administrators not only provide knowledgeable assistance in any issues exercising, but also professionally perform services of real estate purchase and sale registration.

Object name Ground location Land plot area (Ha) Posting/Cadastral number Cost (T/Ha)
Agricultural land The Smolensk region
Safonovskiy district
129 Инт (б/пл) from 23 December, 2012
Peasant farm economy land The Kaluga region 32,5 40:15:07601:1 200
Agricultural land The Kaluga region 26 40:15:160104:41 200
Peasant farm economy land The Smolensk region N.Dugino 13 67:13:0030104:391 500
Peasant farm economy land The Smolensk region Temkino 100 67:13:0040105:152 500